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Darius Holbert was born in Dallas, Texas during what was, according to some locals, the most sweltering August in recent memory. Now, after stoking the flames of Southern California and New York City, Darius finds himself poised to burst onto the international scene like a house afire. His composition has won him accolades from clients and audiences alike, his songwriting has won him respect from high profile peers, and his performing has won him admiration from new fans around the globe.

Darius Holbert grew up in a musical family. His mother is a master�s degree music teacher and his father is a professional singer and librettist. Darius� own musical training began shortly after he started walking. His burgeoning passion and skill for composition, piano, and voice was immediately apparent and nurtured throughout his childhood.

In 1987, Darius was selected to be a vocalist in the Texas Boy Choir. He was sent to the choir�s boarding school and soon became a featured soloist in the choir, even arranging for the choir and directing a small choir ensemble. He was still only 12. His skills gained him a spot in the prestigious Touring Choir and in 1988 joined their tour of Australia.

Upon returning to the U.S., Darius was accepted to the Booker T. Washington High School for the Visual and Performing Arts in Dallas, concentrating on piano performance, M.I.D.I. programming (still in its infancy as a curriculum), and composition/arranging. His creativity spilled over into the other arts; he joined the Visual Art department in printmaking and sculpting as well as acting and singing in theatrical performances at the high school and other area theaters.

Darius started playing in local rock outfits by this time, his keyboard playing taking him through Texas honky-tonks and beer joints even though he still wasn�t old enough to drive. He played around Dallas for 3 years, making a name for himself as a session player while studying at the performing arts high school.

In 1994, Darius moved to London to study at the University College of London and at the Royal Academy of Music. He studied composition, history and jazz arranging in London, playing with local musicians and wrangling opportunities to hang with international greats like Roy Hargrove (another Booker T. alum) and Stevie Wonder.

Darius returned to the States with a scholarship to finish his degree at the music school at the University of North Texas. He studied composition with renowned composer Dr. Martin Mailman and piano with Dr. Mailman�s wife, esteemed pianist MaryNan Mailman. He graduated from UNT summa cum laude in 1997.

Darius stayed in Texas for the next 7 years, playing in a number of projects, working in studios all around the area, and fronting a touring rock band, Dr. Teeth, which enjoyed great regional successes. He completed his first solo record, �Open Letter� (82music, 2001) and made a solid name for himself writing and playing music all around the south.

Darius was commissioned to compose an opera featuring libretto by his father, Dr. John Holbert Ph.D. He packed up and moved out to a mountain retreat in northern New Mexico for inspiration. He consequently went a little insane by himself in the mountains, writing by day and fighting bats by night. At the behest of his sister he came down from the mountain six weeks later and moved straight to Los Angeles.

Within the first few months of living in L.A., Darius was playing for and producing top music projects, composing for television and film, building music libraries for placement companies, working at the best studios around town as a session player, performer, producer, engineer, and songwriter.

Darius recently expanded his base of operations to include a studio in NYC's Gramercy Park area, where he continues to score for film and tv, and write commissioned vocal and dance works.

Darius has written scores for a gaggle of international films and television shows. He has worked with such film and tv luminaries as Robin Williams, Kevin Spacey, Bobcat Goldthwait, Peter Berg, JJ Abrams, and myriad more. Darius has had a number of award-winning films at Sundance, Tribeca, LA Film Fest, and numerous other festivals, including winning "Best Original Score" at NYC's Moondance Festival. His work has been featured in hit tv shows like American Horror Story, Lost, The Client List, Grey's Anatomy, American Idol, Quick Draw, and Crash, and in numerous commercials and industrials.

Darius has produced for, toured with, musical directed, and written for artists as varied as Everlast, Wu-Tang Clan, Dave Brubeck, Britney Spears, Sophie B. Hawkins, House of Pain, Diane Warren, The Dallas Symphony Orchestra, and Bobby Brown (ask him about the Bobby stories sometime). Darius has appeared on tv shows like the Tonight Show, The Ellen Show, Fox Good Day and France's Canal +.

Darius has been commissioned to compose operas, modern dance pieces, and chamber works. He has worked for major record labels in production and artist development. He appears on numerous records from various projects, including four albums from his critically acclaimed solo project "dariustx�.

There is a wealth of music in Darius' extensive catalog, all of which is represented by numerous non-exclusive licensing companies, various managers, and publishers. He is an award-winning, well trained multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, producer, composer, and conductor.

But more than anything else, Darius is really just a down-to-earth guy from Texas who works really hard, who hates bragging about himself (he swears), and who loves his job.

Darius is a member of ASCAP, SCL, and The Recording Academy and splits his time between LA, NYC, and TX.

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