Brand New Studio

We just bought, renovated, and rebuilt an old 1925 Spanish-style hacienda in the heart of old LA. - an area called Mid-City, just south of West Hollywood, and right next to the Pico-Fairfax (Picfair) area.

We converted the 3-car garage into the new recording/editing studio using the existing walls and floor but totally revamping all of the electrical, lighting, and design. My architect brother-in-law's drawings called for an interweaving of old 1925 garage feel with updated studio, and with the help of my best pal contractor and his wife the designer, and the infinite patience of my own better half, the dream is now reality.

After about six weeks of job site supervision and temporarily thinking I was a plumber/electrician/job-site supervisor, I'm up and running again, and it looks stellar. I'll be working in it from sunup to sunup and I can't wait.

If you're in the area, come by for a studio tour, a listen to the refurbed 1969 Mark I Rhodes, or for a leisurely drink at the bar. When I'm in town, I'm here all day!