Darius scoring new killer buzz horror film!

I'm scoring a kickass new horror film from the twisted mind of Paul Travers!

Paul has written a fantastic horror script about two jacked-up brothers who intercept emergency calls in their Dad's beat up old ambulance. It's scary as all getout and I'm thrilled I get to finally work with my good buddy Paul and his stellar team.

The movie is starring the inimitable Kane Hodder and Bill Mosley, and includes performances from Brandi Cyrus and the Australian superband Sheppard!

AND if any of y'all actually read these little press pieces, watch closely for EMT #2 and you might see a very handsome, familiar face.

I'm just diving into the score now, we're fully in post swing now with the great LA post house Siren; I can't wait to emerge blinking from the salt mines and let y'all put your ear balls on this one!

More info here:

Old 37